THE HISTORY Back in the early 90's I started practicing law out of my home, way before it was cool.  I invested in technology instead of rent and even though corporate positions drew me away a few times (See the CV link on the Attorneys Page) I have spent a good deal of my career in this way.  In 2000 the link above will take you to a story, which was published when it suddenly became trendy to telecommute.  Essentially, I headed out into the wilderness with a home made solar system, a tent and a portable desk to prove that there should be a new way of thinking about the business of law. 

The practice of law is evolving in this direction and the advantage that large firms had, which was principally that you needed a lot of attorneys to be able to afford a law library, has since vanished. Firms pay high rent to be downtown, which certainly appears to be prestigious, and to be close to the courthouse.  Now we meet via Skype, share document review online, email, do online legal research and file court documents electronically.  So why not save that money, work from where you are comfortable, save commuting time, and pass the savings onto the client. I've been doing that for years and now, because of technology, the playing field is level.

Sure, we can meet in person, ( I would like to meet you as well) conduct depositions and strategy meetings at my home or a Starbucks but now there is no reason to drive downtown, pay for parking, ride the elevator and wait for the appointment.  I am also happy to office at your headquarters for a period of time to facilitate smooth work flow and communications.  Law firms that don't recognize the practical aspects of the convenience will become dinosaurs.

OUR PROCESS  When you contact me with an issue I am going to first conduct a conflicts check before receiving any confidential information.  Once that is cleared we will have an initial discussion to determine some basic facts and your needs.  The next step is that I will prepare an engagement letter to be signed by you so you are thoroughly informed about our practices and procedures.  An example of a generic version of that agreement may found by following this link.

You will see that I will require some form of retainer to be placed in my attorney trust account, in order to create the attorney client relationship with the attendant privileges.  Once a month you will receive a detailed statement, unless we agree to a flat fee, in advance.  Should it be determined that other counsel within my network is required they will enter into a separate relationship with you and will bill you independently.