I approach every client and challenge with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and an answer to the question, "What do you want to accomplish through this"?


If I don't have the expertise to solve your issue I will endeavor to put together a team of lawyers I trust and respect that will.


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Attorneys at Law

Every firm with a website wants to convince you that they are the smartest, the toughest, the most savvy and that they actually care about you or your business.  Let’s face it, reading a law firm website is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Most attorney's I have worked with and against are quite competent and are consummate professionals; however, with the realization that 62.687% of all statistics are BS, it is about 90% of those lawyers that give the rest of us a bad reputation.  Perhaps, you have been overbilled, suffered from inefficiencies, have not been communicated with or are criticized or looked down upon by your counsel. Perhaps your counsel has no interest in being technologically savvy or doing cost containment. I'm Todd D. Maddocks Esq.,  a networked solo practitioner business lawyer with 32 years of experience in law and business with a special emphasis in the area of franchising. Read more to see how my virtual team can change or improve your situation and reduce your legal bills.

Experienced FRANCHISE AND BUSINESS Law Experts

Fair rates, home offices, scalable teams, use of technology, detailed billing and retention agreements all used to reduce costs and mitigate surprises.