I am proud that so many of my clients have repeatedly turned to me and have referred others for counsel and representation. I am determined to work hard to earn my clients loyalty every day.  I always try to maintain a healthy balance between hard work and hard play under the premise that if you want something done then take the work to someone who is already busy.

To give you more detail I have created a link to my CV, which summarizes some of my roles in the legal community up through my existing practice.

My father was also a lawyer and I have kept his legal forms for reference.  It is amazing how much simpler things were in the 60's and 70's compared with the myriad of regulations we deal with today. Accordingly, despite my experience, I sometimes find it advisable to contact other attorney's I have worked with in the past to lend a hand in complex areas of the law.  Much like a large firm I can draw upon experts I can trust to help solve your legal issues. These lawyers like myself have worked in the big firms or corporations and finally said, "enough" and want to chart their own course.  My experience as the General Counsel of many corporations puts me in a place to oversee the entire effort, coordinate forces and marshal assets while each attorney is ultimately responsible for their own work. Thus, we can create a virtual firm, if need be, that focuses on your special situation without any carrying cost or other overhead.

       I like to have fun as much as the next guy.